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Our Commitment to Natural and Organic

At Pets Bring Joy Pet Supply, our journey begins with a commitment to providing the highest quality natural and organic dog products. Understanding the importance of a pet's well-being, we set out to curate a selection that goes beyond just treats—each item is a piece of our dedication to your pup's health and happiness.

About Us

Welcome to Pets Bring Joy Pet Supply, a locally owned Limited Liability Company nestled in the heart of Upstate NY. Established with love in December 2021 by devoted pet parents Kayleigh and Dan, who share their lives with three charming Boston Terriers, our passion for pets goes beyond business—it's personal. In the vast world of online pet supplies, we understand the challenges of choosing the best for your furry companions. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to thorough research, simplifying the process of finding and delivering only the finest quality products for your pets. As an eCommerce and pop-up shop business, we bring convenience to your doorstep, offering a curated selection of unique and top-tier pet supplies. We take pride in our commitment to working with US based distributors, ensuring that every purchase supports local businesses. At Pets Bring Joy Pet Supply, we extend our gratitude to public service employees, first responders, healthcare workers, animal care professionals, and educators who make a difference every day. Join us in creating joyful moments for your pets with premium, handpicked dog supplies that can be delivered to you with care.

2023 Goals

Our 2023 goals are:


  • to grow a small business through continuous research and excellent customer service 

  • to form long lasting customer relationships

  • to interact with our local community and attract customer engagement through pop up shops

  • to educate the dog community through conversation and our educational blog

  • to develop a dog treat and dog chew subscription package program 

  • to continue to give back to the local dog community 

Meet our Sales Team!


Phillip: Phillip is a black and white Boston Terrier who was rescued by his Mom and Dad. He has Megaesophagus and has special feeding instructions. Phillip now lives a prosperous and healthy life because of his amazing vet and loving family. Phillip has six years of product testing experience. Phillip's toys of choice include soft sucky blankets, cow bones, and deer antlers. 

Bailey: Bailey is a brown and white Boston Terrier who has six years of product testing experience. Bailey suffered an FCE (spinal stroke) in 2020 and had to learn how to walk again with physical therapy and TLC from her family. Although she has trouble jumping nowadays, she has not lost her love of food and toys. Bailey's main toy of choice is the lacrosse ball. She will bring the ball back for hours on end until she is told it is time to punch out and go home...

Jane: Jane is a grey and white (Lilac) Boston Terrier who came to us during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Jane is the newest member of the team and has just under two years of product testing experience. Jane brings a lot of excitement and joy to the crew. She loves walks, dog parks, and hiking. Jane is a sock thief but we do not hold that against her. Jane's toys of choice are stuffing-less squeak toys and bully sticks.

Our Pack

Dan and Kayleigh



Sales Team

Our Team
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