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Why Does my Dog Tunnel Under Blankets?

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Why does my dog tunnel? I have asked myself this question many times as a long time Boston Terrier owner. I was fascinated to discover, it is an ancestral trait! It makes a lot of sense to me now…

Dogs were originally born in dens or a cave-like environment, which provided a sense of security and comfort for them. It protected the “pack” from predators and inclement weather. Curling up next to pack members provided security and familiar scents. So, why does my dog tunnel? Today our pups enjoy tunneling under covers next to their “human” pack members. They find comfort in their own scents and those of their “human” parents.

Some dogs tunnel as part of their normal routine to enjoy human warmth and companionship. Others only tunnel when they are anxious; like during storms, fireworks, or when feeling sick. These behaviors are more common in some breeds like the Terriers and Dachshunds. These breeds were raised to drive vermin out of underground dens. Their ancestors were used to squeezing into tight quarters to flush out rodents. They feel extremely comfortable in a dark cozy space. Huskies would dig holes in the snow for insulation and today current sled dogs still do this to keep warm.

Our canine companions today have an inherent trait to keep an eye on our households. Tunneling removes the sights and sounds of the everyday hub-bub of a busy home. It provides our pups a chance to take a break and “turn off" their vigilance.

If you are not a fan of letting your dog sleep under the covers in your bed, there are many “tunnel beds” on the market today. Check out Snuggle Beds. You will be providing your fur baby a cozy place to take a peaceful nap!

My Boston’s have all been under the cover sleepers. I can honestly say from my own personal experience, it provides me with a sense of safety, comfort, and well-being having them snuggled next to me. I have three grandpups: Phillip, Bailey, and Jane (all Boston Terriers)…I love when they all sleep over! It’s a bedful of love, warmth, safety, and a “frito-like” scent. There is always some snoring and flatulence involved as well! - Anita
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