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From Pop-Up Shops to Your Doorstep: The Journey of Our Natural Dog Products

Welcome to Pets Bring Joy Pet Supply, where the journey of our natural dog products has evolved from local pop-up shops to the convenience of your doorstep. As we recount the transformation of our in-person experiences to the online space, we invite you to explore our story behind the scenes.

The Pop-Up Shop Beginnings In the 2021, our passion for providing natural and organic dog products took us to local events and pop-up shops in Central New York, Western New York and the Capital Region. We cherished the face-to-face interactions, learning about the diverse needs of our community's dogs and connecting with fellow dog owners.

Discovering Our Community

As we set up our booths and engaged with dog owners across Central New York, Western New York and the Capital Region, we discovered the unique preferences and challenges the dog community faced in caring for their furry friends. These interactions became the foundation of our commitment to offering top-quality, natural dog products. 

The Decision to Expand Online

The turning point came when we realized the potential to reach a broader audience beyond local events. Our customers' feedback and the desire to make our products accessible to all dog lovers motivated us to take the leap into expanding into the online world. Thus, the journey from pop-up shops to your doorstep began.

Bringing Convenience to Your Fingertips

With the launch of our ecommerce store in 2021,, ordering your favorite natural dog treats became as easy as a few clicks. No longer constrained by geographical boundaries, we wanted to ensure that every dog, regardless of location, could enjoy the wholesome goodness of our treats.

A Seamless Online Experience

Navigating our website is designed with you and your pup in mind. From detailed product descriptions to our informational blog, we've created a virtual space that mirrors the personalized experience of our pop-up shops. Explore the diverse range of dog treats and dog chews, discover new products, and find the perfect match for your dog's preferences.

The Convenience of Home Delivery

One of the standout features of our online shop is the joy of doorstep delivery. Once you've made your selection, sit back, relax, and let us bring the goodness directly to your home. No more waiting in lines or traveling to events—just the convenience of having your dog's favorite treats and chews arrive at your doorstep. With orders over $50, we offer free shipping as an added bonus!

Bringing Joy to Every Home

The journey from pop-up shops to your doorstep signifies our commitment to making natural and organic dog products a joyous part of every pup's life. We continue to evolve, but our dedication to quality, community, and the well-being of your furry friends remains the heart and soul of our business. Join us on the continuation of this exciting journey, and let's continue to bring joy to every home, one treat at a time.

Explore our selection of natural dog treats and more at Pets Bring Joy Pet Supply. Your pup's happiness is just a click away!

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